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How to make Krusader run under different icon theme

I use Kubuntu with KDE5 Plasma. I didn't want to migrate from KDE3 to KDE4. The environment was providing me everything I required for programming, use, ..etc. Same happened with the "upgrade" from KDE4 to KDE5. KDE5 to me is some new (but unneeded) visual changes, complete rewrite of the underlying code, a lot of new bugs to fight with.. :( I am going to document overcoming several issues with KDE5 and it's apps. This post is dedicated to best file manager under Linux - Krusader (guess I am staying under KDE for just a few of those apps: Krusader, Kmail (sadly no longer usable under KDE5, so had to switch to Claws Mail), Kate (as programming IDE) and Konsole as terminal).

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How to enable IPMI (KVM) access on OVH dedicated server

I recently moved one of my dedicated servers to OVH ( One of the features OVH offers is a KVM access to the server via web-console or Java applet JViewer. Access can be requested from OVH control panel or via OVH API. There is an option to run SOL session (serial over lan) directly from the browser and connect to your server's serial port, which would be configured to access one of the ttys. The manual on the OVH site is, however, outdated and provides incorrect instructions for properly configuring it...

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How to make SSMTP authenticate to Postfix with SSL certificate

I needed a simple mail delivery agent on my local machine to route all mails to my hosted mail server running Postfix. To prevent open-relaying, in addition to SASL authentication, I maintain a list of IPs and netmasks for all clients who can simply connect and rely mail through it. Together with 'smtpd_recipient_restrictions' setting this makes the job done:

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