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Evaluating Remote Javascript with CasperJs

I needed to retrieve evaluated Javascript object from a remote page. The code on the page looked like this:

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">

        var XXXGen = function(options){
                !options && (options = {});

                this.url = '';
                this.options = options;


        var gen = new XXXGen({
                trackuri: 'some.uri',
                campaignId: 000000,
                programs: [{"key":"123","value":"345"}, {.....}]

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Reversing Dynadot two-factor token authentication

So I was reading another scary post how someone`s domain was stolen and blah blah blah it is time to enable 2-factor auth at your domain registrar (and if it doesn't support it, find a better one). I’ve checked mine, a couple of those I use, and it seems Dynadot was a good fit to use two-factor with and move most important domains to be hosted there.

To enable 2-factor auth on, I clicked through my account settings and found the menu: “Dynadot Token Authentication for iPhone/Android”. Hmm.. why only iPhone/Android?

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Annoyed by Airbnb

I've used Airbnb with a moderate success in some countries and with a very poor experience in the others. There seems to be a major disbalance between people who professionally rent their properties and between many 'show-offs' who list their lavish, designer flats and attach price tags seemingly only to satisfy own egos and/or make a quick buck on the side, while at the same time having least ability or desire to rent their nest out. It seems to many, once things get serious and someone is asking for staying at their apartments, they have nowhere to live themselves and have to decline guest offers most of the time. Then - there are professional letting services who create personal profiles on Airbnb and bulk-list all their flats as availble just to attract custom and start offering something else instead, usually totally out of preferences, which is also highly annoying.

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